Morphe Me Monthly Brush Club – February #MorpheMe

Well hello there beauties, time to kick this blog back off and what better way than to start with a monthly club I’ve been apart of for well over a year now. I wanted to share what I received for February from the Morphe Me Monthly brush club by Morphe Brushes and Live Glam.


If you are not familiar with the Morphe Me Monthly brush club, basically for only $19.99/mo with free shipping you receive $30 + worth of brushes delivered to your home. You can sign up for the service monthly, semiannually, or annually. As well as you get the option to skip a month or trade your brushes. And if you decide it’s not for you then you are free to cancel at any time. You earn points each month you are signed up receiving your brushes as well as you get points for when others sign up using your referral link. You can take those points and redeem them for other goodies they have listed in the rewards center.

Let’s take a closer look at each brush from February’s shipment:


G36 Round Powder – Use this Round Powder brush to apply foundation flawlessly (Retail $13.99)


G33 Angle Buffer – The Angled buffer can be used to perfect under eye makeup and carving cheekbones (Retail $8.99)


G34 Mini Round Buffer – This small synthetic brush is perfectly dense for buffing in concealer to flawless coverage (Retail $8.99)

I have received brushes from the GunMetal series before and I will say that they are some really good brushes. The brushes are very soft, have the proper amount of density, and sturdy. I highly recommend this club if you are a newbie at makeup and you want to build your brush collection or if you are like me, a major makeup enthusiast and love building your collection. Trust me, your brush collection will definitely grow with this club and you will have everything you need to complete a full face. If you are interesting in learning more about the club and signing up, then follow this link here: Join Here!

I’m always going to keep it real with you all and that is my referral link. I would appreciate it if you would use it and hopefully you will join this awesome club. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Until next time, stay beautiful!!


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